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1. Poor People’s Movements

2. Law Does not Wither Away in the Soviet Union

3. Freedom of Artistic Expression and Scientific Inquiry in Russia

4. The Political Economy of Informal Economies

5. Pashukanis and Liberal Jurisprudence

6. Defining and Ignoring Labor Discipline in the Early Soviet Period: The Comrades Disciplinary Courts, 1918-1922

7. Thinking Disputes An Essay on the Origins of the Dispute Industry

8. The Place of Law in the Marxian Structure-Superstructure Archetype

9. Self-Ownership, Communism and Equality

10. Reveling in Genre An Interview with China Miéville

11. Rathenau, Russia, and Rapallo

12. The Neoliberal State and the Penalization of Misery

13. Freedom and its Consequences The Debate on The Soviet Family Code of 1926

14. The Development of the Concept of Civil Society in Marx

15. Self-Made Boats and Social Self-Management

16. The Commodity-Exchange Theory of Law In Search Of A Perspective

17. The Dialectics of Law

18. Chhatrapati Singh and the Idea of a Legal Theory

19. Self-Governing Socialism vol. I and vol. ll

20. The Co-Operative University: Labour, Property and Pedagogy

21. Between Equal Rights - A Marxist Theory of International Law

22. Workers' Self-Management in the World System: The Yugoslav Case

23. Jugoslavija država koja je odumrla

24. Kaptolski kolodvor

25. Investment and Property Rights in Yugoslavia

26. Beyond Marx and Tito

27. The Market Planned Economy of Yugoslavia

28. Socialist Unemployment - the Political Economy of Yugoslavia

29. The Communist Theory of Law

30. Political Culture at the Institute of Red Professors

31. Science, Orthodoxy, and the Quest for Hegemony at the Socialist (Communist) Academy

32. Conclusion / The Great Break in Higher Learning in Revolution of the Mind - Higher Learning among the Bolsheviks, 1918-1929

33. Cultural Commons and the Law from the Renaissance to Postmodernity

34. Karl Marx and the Classics An Essay on Value, Crises and the Capitalist Mode of Production

35. The General Theory of Law & Marxism

36. Subjectivation and Cohesion Towards the Reconstruction of a Materialist Theory of Law

37. October! The Soviet Centenary

38. Anthropology of the Name

39. Working Together Trade union and co-operative innovations for precarious workers

40. Radne cijene proizvodnje i transformacioni problem u jugoslovenskoj/socijalističkoj privredi

41. Besudna zemlja

42. Najlepše pripovetke Milovana Đilasa

43. Protivrečja traganja za novim

44. Susreti sa Staljinom

45. Vlast i pobuna

46. Sabrana dela Boris Kidriča

47. An essay on Yugoslav Society

48. Anarchism

49. Anarchism: A Theoretical Analysis

50. Radnička solidarnost - bratinska blagajna

51. Sistem samoupravnog društvenog planiranja

52. Žensko pitanje u Srbiji

53. Reading Hart through Pashukanis - Re-sketching the Contours of a (Forgotten) Critical-Marxist Jurisprudence

54. Pashukanis and the Legal Subject/ Pashukanis in Modern Theory in On Law and Ideology

55. On Law and Ideology

56. Civil Law in East Germany. Its Development and Relation to Soviet Legal History and Ideology

57. The Transformation of the Collective Agreement in Soviet Law

58. Socialist vs. Bourgeois Rights: An East-West German Comparison

59. Between Legality and Socialism after Stalin

60. LToward Indivisible International Law? The Evolution of Soviet Doctrine

61. Political Power and Economic Change in Yugoslavia

62. Privredni sistem i ekonomska politika Jugoslavije

63. The Industrialization of Yugoslavia under the Workers' Self-Management System: Institutional Change and Rapid Growth

64. Science, Class and Society On the Formation of Sociology and Historical Materialism

65. Svojina

66. ‘Useless but True’ Economic Crisis and the Peculiarities of Economic Science

67. Recent Developments in Soviet Legal Theory

68. Justice as Fetish Marx, Pashukanis, and the Form of Justice

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