Draft conditions of peace with bourgeois nationalist


Nebojša Milikić


The work presents some main preconditions for explaining socialist Yugoslavia to a bourgeois nationalist. In order for such an enterprise to be successful a set of basic theoretical and methodological recognition are necessary. Through interpellation to bourgeois ideology a subject gets deprived of elementary knowledge about main historical and social forces that shape political reality. The instruction given in a series of user-friendly drawings helps a deprived subject to reconstitute itself in its class consciousness. After recognizing its historical and actual class position and class interest a subject undertakes action to change sides or at least desert the battle field of class struggle, thus making any type of peace at all possible or probable.


Nebojša Milikić (1964)


Cultural worker and producer, lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1990 engaged in political activism, organizational, artistic and curatorial practice in visual and relational arts, independent research, public debate and critical writing about cultural and political problems of transitional societies. Publishes in various activist and art portals, participates in collaborative projects, activist research and campaigns in country and abroad. Conceives and realizes guided tours through suburbs, debate spaces and memorial sites in Belgrade. From 1999 onward works in Cultural Center Rex in Belgrade, as the initiator and coordinator of various programs and projects. Member of the initiative No To Rehabilitation dedicated to struggle against historical revisionism and negationism. Recently edited few publications in Serbia and Romania about the political and cultural positioning of today’s middle classes.


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