The Council of Peace utopian dialogue direct translation from Revolutionary Language (RL)


Concept Ovid Pop 2020


My work shows the political-theoretical arguments that are presented during one session in the Local Council of Peace, an advisory institution that is part of a planetary form of government called the World Republic. The debate is temporally placed in a utopian historical moment that comes after the economical and environmental cataclysm caused by the capitalist mode of production and consumption.

The goal of the Council of Peace is to conceptualize effective ways in which the post-capitalist government creates and consolidates peace in society. The arguments revolve around two concepts considered by all participants to the Council to be fundamental to the peace process: the property structure and the political form by which desires are produced.

Beside this main set of problems, my work is concerned with the question of language in a revolutionary situation. The text is, thus, presented as a direct translation from Revolutionary Language. This gives the opportunity to bring out the contrast in the semantics between English, as a language that’s historically molded into capitalist relations, and Revolutionary Language with its consciously deployed pallet of meanings that challenge common understanding.

In the context of this collective exhibition, the aim of my work is to confront the visitor with concrete revolutionary imagery told from a post-factual perspective in order to awake class consciousness and deepen political imagination.


Ovid Pop

political scientist, writer, theoretician


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Ovid Pop is a political scientist, transnational writer and theorist. In 2016 he co-founded together with Radostina Patulova the kollektiv sprachwechsel: Literatur in the Zweitsprache, a literary group of second language writers based in Vienna. Also, Ovid Pop conceptualizes and organizes exhibitions and participative art workshops dealing with topics such as: modernity/coloniality, modernization, logistic capitalism, imperialism and epistemic colonialism within the European context.

Ovid Pop is the author of a concept literary book The Estate of the Living*Domeniul Celor Vii (Romanian, English, German, Iași, 2018), the novel Trickster (Romanian, Polirom, 2009); he co-wrote the novel Rubik (Romanian, Polirom 2008). He has published short stories and poetry in German, among others (Edition Exil, Vienna, 2015), Politisch Schreiben (Dresden, 2018, 2019, 2020), Triëdere (2020). His texts are translated into BCS, French, English, German, Hungarian.

Ovid Pop gives lectures on literary topics, art theory and anticolonial thinking. He organizes public readings and debates on writing in secondary languages in Vienna and in collaboration with transnational European literary groups. His articles are published in magazines in Romania, Austria, Hungary and Germany.

Ovid Pop works and lives in Bucharest and Vienna.


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