A Lament for the Future – Ireland through Neo-Liberal Eyes


Dorone Paris

Audio-visual composition


The work is an audio-visual installation that comments on the Irish economic and political philosophy from the 1990’s, the rise of the ‘Celtic Tiger’, until today. The theme of the piece was inspired by the interviews Noa Treister and I conducted with people across Ireland, ranging in age, gender and class.  The piece explores the ties between neo-liberalism and the abandonment of Northern Ireland, and will bring to light the mass indoctrination into a culture of distraction whereby a small tv screen will show content from the interviews, which is overlaid with audio & visual samples played through a speaker.

Dr. Dorone Paris is an Israeli political composer living and working in Ireland. She holds a PhD in Music Composition from University College Cork in Ireland. Being raised in Israel influenced her political ideas and affected her musical creativity, aesthetics and philosophy. Her work focuses mainly on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict women’s rights. She is the founder of PATH art: an organisation dedicated to convincing her people that a peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians is both possible and necessary. She, together with Sylvia Hinz, is the founder of ArtEquality: a non-profit organisation and an activist movement for equality and feminism that offers support to artists whose work concerns gender equality. Her art has been performed throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Bosnia, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Israel and Palestine. For more details check out: www.doroneparis.com


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