I don`t like to say peace


Alisa Beck & Marine-Christin Rissinger

Video work


Is the sound of a voice, the language of a body, the smell of a room a prerequisite for understanding and thereby a condition for peace? —

Through the research project “Conditions of Peace” we have gained an immense pool of data, pages and pages of interviews dealing with notions of peace. These interviews took place in the common language of the interview partners in Vienna, Belgrade, Helsinki, Dublin and Iasi. They have been recorded, transcribed and translated into English. At each step of this process, information is lost, or rather transformed.

From 431 pages of text material we selected passages and assembled them to form a new corpus. By focussing on the "non-translatable" passages — passages that do not seem implicit from another perspective contradictory or conflicting moments on the textual level are highlighted as a reference to the lost context — which by all means can be simulated, but never completely reconstructed. For this purpose a camera device was sent by post from interviewer to interviewer and used to record a seemingly uneventful journey — a passage: from home to the interviewee.

A work by Blind Date Collaboration (Alisa Beck & Marie-Christin Rissinger) Thanks to Florin Bobu & Livia Pancu, Alexander Nikolic, Dorone Paris, Noa Treister

Alisa Beck works as an art historian and producer focusing on urban research and action, and experimental formats in performance and music. She was part of the artistic direction team of the artist-run space mo.ë in Vienna (2014-2017). She studied art history and cultural studies at University of Vienna and Université Paris-Sorbonne. As a research assistant she is working at the departement of art history at University of Applied Arts Vienna. She published the book “Die Akte mo.ë - Protokolle einer abgesagten Zukunft” (Hg. mit Marie-Christin Rissinger, edition mono) and in "all-over - Magazine for Art and Aesthetics“ (Basel/Vienna). Her artistic works are shown at festivals such as “urbanize!” (Vienna, 2016), “Wiener Festwochen” (2017) and “Steirischer Herbst” (Graz, 2020). Since 2018 she is doing the production for “urbanize! Int. Festival for Urban Explorations”. Currently she is chairwoman of IG Kultur Wien.

Marie-Christin Rissinger, studied Psychology (BA) at the University of Vienna and Social Design (MA) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her practice includes art, curating, crafting and producing as much as political and theoretical contentions. Her artistic medium is communication. By using performative strategies her works are creating situations of negotiation, some of which are articulated in public- some in the theater-space. In 2015 she received a START scholarship (Federal Chancellery Austria). Her work is shown at festivals such as “urbanize - International Festival for Urban Explorations” (Vienna, 2016),”Britney X Festival” (Britney, Schauspiel Köln, 2017), “Wiener Festwochen” (2017), “Donaufestival” (Krems, 2018) or “Steirischer Herbst” (2020). In the last years she was involved in various social struggles such as “Refugee Protest Camp Vienna” (2012/13) and “mo.ë bleibt” (2016/17). Currently she is working on a documentary film, titled “Transformiert Euch!”


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